Boot info





Bootnaam:           Lemminkainen

Type:                       Baltic 39

Lengte:                    11.98 m

Breedte:                   3.98 m

Diepgang:                 2.11 m

Bouwer:                    Baltic Yachts Finland (

Bouwjaar:                 1978

Bouwnummer:            18

Ontwerper:                C & C

Callsign:                    PE 6668

MMSI:                       244050847




Delivery year: 1977-1983
Naval Architect: C & C Design
Units built: 74

The Baltic 39 was a medium displacement performance design aiming at general all-round sailing with a slightly greater emphasis on upwind characteristics than our earlier Baltic Yachts models. The design incorporated a high ballast ration and a high aspect ratio fin keel. The accommodation layout of the Baltic 39 was generous for a boat of that size incorporating a full owner’s cabin aft with complete privacy.

The Baltic 39 was one of the first serial production yachts that were designed and performance evaluated using computer programs. Full VPP studies were executed resulting in both polar plots and performance in numbers. In addition to producing a good basis for design optimizations, the result from the computer studies also gave racing clients polars and performance numbers representing valuable targets for racing.